End-of-the-month highlights

2015.04.22 Turquaze Vooruit

Interviewing Kadir Balci (r)

Last week was full of education tasks and lectures and talks on a variety of subjects, such as the international film industry, the internationalization of contemporary Flemish cinema and government film policy in Belgium and Europe. By far the most engaging education activity was interviewing director Kadir Balci after a screening of his 2010 film Turquaze. This event took place in the framework of a project week focusing on ‘diversity’ for first year students political and social sciences at Ghent University. Apart from the hundreds of students enjoying the film, probably the most memorable moment was when after the event, an older woman came to the director, saying she had seen the film already twice on television, but that she enjoyed it even more on the big screen at the Vooruit.

taxi teheran

Another highlight was seeing Jafar Panahi’s wonderful latest film Taxi Teheran, about life, Iran, fiction and non-fiction, but mostly about cinema and love for cinema. Furthermore, I finally managed to see Kings of Convenience, something I was looking forward to since I was 18. They performed at the Handelsbeurs in Gent, playing their first album Quiet is the new loud from the first to the last note, interrupted by an interview on stage. Intimate and beautiful.

Kings of Convenience at Handelsbeurs, Gent

Kings of Convenience at Handelsbeurs, Gent

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