NECS conference in Łódź


Key note speaker Oliver Grau

Yesterday, I arrived in Łódź to attend the yearly conference of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies. The conference’s central theme of ‘archives’ proves to be a highly rewarding topic. Apart from a wide diversity of presentations and key note lectures (such as a very interesting one by Oliver Grau, on digital art), the conference also offers an interesting selection of screenings (curated by Marysia Lewandowska and Neil Cummings) of 1970s and 1980s films of Polish amateur film clubs.


Screening of Syzyfowie (1971, Tadeusz Wudzki)

In my own presentation, entitled ‘Archival film policy research: methodological opportunities’, I discussed the research design of my PhD dissertation and put it into relation with general methodological traditions in film policy research. I particularly focused on the archival research part and the new methodological opportunities for film (policy) research in the present digital times. This presentation was part of a pre-constituted panel on film policy, which I set up together with my Italian colleague Marco Cucco and Swedish colleague Olof Hedling. Hope to see them soon again!

Film policy panel

The film policy panel

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