Film Fest Gent continued

Next to the excursion with the Antwerp students to the Film Fest Gent (see the previous post), I also went to the film festival with the students from the Ghent University MA in Film & Television Studies. We visited the annual Film Music Seminar, which focused this year on British film music. In the morning, there was a conversation with composer George Fenton, mainly focusing on his collaboration with directors Richard Attenborough and Ken Loach. Fenton gave interesting look into the practice of film music composing, but the conversation could have been livelier. The afternoon session was more attractive in this respect, with British composers Daniel Pemberton and Craig Armstrong analyzing and contemplating on selected film fragments.


Craig Armstrong in conversation with Martine Huvenne

I also managed to see some more great films at the festival (although I have, of course, also seen some very shitty films), such as László Nemes’ horrifying and staggering holocaust film Son of Saul, or the tragic but at the same time funny and very creative Chilean film El Club by Pablo Larraín, which seemed to me some kind of self-conscious and modern allegory on the life of Jesus. Apart from seeing the films, one of the nicest things of visiting a film festival, however, is to be confronted with large crowds at the entrance of arthouse cinema’s…


Film festival atmosphere at the Sphinx cinema

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