Publication on Jean/Jan Van Raemdonck

The latest issue of the Dutch-language journal Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis includes an article I’ve written about the art documentary, television and (mainly) film production activities (running from the 1950s until the 1990s!) of the Belgian producer Jean Van Raemdonck.

cover TMG De Loteling

Cover for the latest issue of the Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis, featuring the poster of a film I discuss in my article

As head of the production company Art et Cinéma or Kunst en Kino, Van Raemdonck made an important contribution to the professionalization of the Belgian audiovisual industry in general and the Flemish film sector in particular. His professional enthusiasm was also revealed in his strong personal commitment to his productions. This points at the complexity of the question of creative authority over his film productions, which are often described as ‘auteur’ (and therefore director centered) films. Van Raemdonck’s biggest professional talent definitely was attracting funding for his projects. Not only did he have great business skills and a nose for finding out where the money is, he even changed his first name according to the fund he was applying to: the Dutch-language ‘Jan’ when he was applying to Flemish institutions versus the French-language ‘Jean’ (his birth name) when applying to francophone Belgian institutions.

You can download the article here. The article is in Dutch, but I’ve written a similar piece on Van Raemdonck in English in the book Beyond the Bottom Line: The Producer in Film and Television Studies (eds. Andrew Spicer, Anthony McKenna, Christopher Meir).

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