The realm of the shadows

Every second Sunday of the month, the Dutch film critic Hans Beerekamp presents ‘The realm of the shadows’ (Het schimmenrijk) in cinema Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam. In 90 minutes, Beerekamp takes us on a trip through film history by focusing on film personalities who died during the last month.


Hans Beerekamp on British actor Alan Rickman

For today’s edition, Beerekamp chose an often personal but very fine selection of fragments from the films of the British actor Alan Rickman, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s favourite actor Franco Citti and, of course, David Bowie. Two great European directors also passed away last month: the Italian filmmaker Ettore Scola and the French filmmaker Jacques Rivette. Watching fragments of Rivette’s work reminded me I should urgently see more of his films, and re-watch Paris nous appartient (1961); as such, Beerekamp’s somewhat morbid show succeeded very well in its goal; honouring the dead by making you wanting to see their films, again or for the first time.

 ‘Electronic’ music video for Ashes to ashes, directed by David Bowie himself

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