Close-up (EYE expo)

The current exhibition at the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam is called Close-Up. Unlike previous EYE exhibitions, this expo doesn’t focus on the oeuvre of a single great filmmaker (in the past they had Kubrick, Antonioni, Kentridge …) but instead focuses on a group of film and video artists who work or worked in the Netherlands. This may seem somewhat chauvinistic, but the Netherlands does indeed play an important role in some of the most interesting things happening in contemporary film and video art.


Image from the single-shot film Requiem to a shipwreck

It’s a very diverse exhibition, with stop-motion films by Cristóbal León and Joaquin Cociña (heirs of Jan Svankmajer and the Quay brothers?) a (sound) installation with 16 mm projectors by Mariska de Groof and new video work by David Verbeek. My personal favourites were the melancholic and beautifully shot video’s by Janis Rafa (Requiem to a shipwreck and Requiem to a fatal incident) and the installation Void fires by the French Brother Florian and Michael Quistrebert. In this work, they take the aggressive colours used to advertise energy drinks and use them to create serene, fire-like images, contrasting with the original use of the colours.


Void fires

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