Il Cinema Ritrovato

Yesterday, I arrived in Bologna to attend the thirtieth edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato. During this week-long film festival organized by the Cineteca di Bologna, both classic and rare films  from every period in film history are shown, and film archives from all over the world present their latest restorations.


The Piazza Maggiore, occupied by the festival

During the day, screenings and debates are organized at the Cineteca itself and at two other film theaters (Cinema Jolly & Cinema Arlecchino). In the evening, the festival takes over the Piazza Maggiore with free screenings on a huge screen under the stars. The festival started yesterday evening with a presentation of the films that were shown by the Lumière brothers at the first public screening on 28 December 1895 (the Lumière exhibition that I visited in Paris last year, is now in Bologna), followed by Jacques Becker’s Casque d’or (1952). It is my first time here and I’m very eager to dive into this Walhalla for film historians and cinephiles from all over the world!


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