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Multivoicedness in European Cinema conference

Conference poster Cork

Today was the first day of the conference Multivoicedness in European Cinema, which I’m organizing together with my colleagues Laura Rascaroli (University College Cork), Sergio Villanueva Baselga (Universitat de Barcelona), and Anders Marklund (University of Lund) (the management team of the ECREA Film Studies section). The two-day conference is taking place in Cork and started with a though provoking keynote by Ewa Mazierska, after which I attended two great panels about women on and behind the screen. The first day was finished by a screening of Pat Collins’s 2012 film Silence. I’m curious what tomorrow will bring, with a.o. a keynote by Chris Wahl and a presentation by Eduard Cuelenaere on our Dutch-Flemish remakes research … More information on the programme etc. can be found here.

Cork 3


European film studies conference in Copenhagen

The second and final day of the conference ‘European Cinemas, Intercultural Meetings: Aesthetics, Politics, Industry, History’ is almost over. The conference is organized by the Film Studies section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) and takes place at the University of Copenhagen. I was an Erasmus exchange student at this university eight years ago, so besides being an academic experience, it’s also a quite nostalgic experience.

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on the concept of ‘regional transnationalism’, thereby departing from the the historically grown complex interrelationship between regional, national and transnational dimensions in government support for film production in Belgium. It’s been a very interesting and engaging two days, full of encounters with a large variety of current research trends in European film studies. To learn in two days’ time about the cultural backgrounds of Japanese new wave filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara, whose father was an important modernist ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) artist, about the results of the large-scale MeCETES project (Mediating Cultural Encounters through European Screens) on contemporary European film and TV drama, about ethical aspects in recent European films about immigration… A very enriching experience indeed!


Anders Marklund (l) introducing keynote speaker William Higbee (r)