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Opera Forward Festival: opera & film


The National Opera in Amsterdam is celebrating its 50th birthday, but instead of looking back, it chooses to look forward with the Opera Forward Festival, including many lectures, artist talks, performances and, of course, opera shows. In the framework of this festival, Ernie Tee gave a talk today about the relation between opera and film. He gave a short (and perhaps a bit too superficial) historical overview of cinematic adaptations of operas, the genre of the ‘backstage opera’ (in which the film’s story takes place in the world of the opera) and the possibility of an ‘opera aesthetics’ in cinema (e.g. the work of Luchino Visconti). The lecture ended with a great  performance by opera students from the Utrecht Conservatory of Music (Elvire Beekhuizen, Judith den Dool, Satriya Krisna, Dody Soetanto, Ernst Munneke), who live accompanied the Dutch silent opera film Gloria Transita (1917, Johan Gildemeijer).


Opera singers and pianist accompanying Gloria Transita