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Special issue: Current trends in remaking European screen cultures

I’m happy to announce that Communications – The European Journal of Communication Research just published a special issue titled ‘Current trends in remaking European screen cultures’! Eduard Cuelenaere, Stijn Joye and I were the guest editors for this issue, which is one of the outcomes of the symposium ‘Remaking European Cinema‘ we organized last year. As the title of the special issue suggests, the articles we collected here focus on the most recent developments in the European film en television remake industry.

special issue

This is the table of contents of the special issue:


Current trends in remaking European screen cultures Cuelenaere, Eduard / Joye, Stijn / Willems, Gertjan


Local flavors and regional markers: The Low Countries and their commercially driven and proximity-focused film remake practice Cuelenaere, Eduard / Joye, Stijn / Willems, Gertjan

Manufacturing proximity through film remakes: Remake rights representatives and the case of local-language comedy remakes Labayen, Miguel Fernández / Morán, Ana Martín

Babylon Berlin: Pastiching Weimar cinema Hall, Sara F.

Remaking Winnetou, reconfiguring German fantasies of Indianer and the Wild West in the Post-Reunification Era Loock, Kathleen

Instead of the real thing: Six ways to talk about what Hollywood does to European films Leitch, Thomas


Meir, C. (2019). Mass producing European cinema: Studiocanal and its works. New York, London: Bloomsbury Academic. 272 pp. Cuelenaere, Eduard

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